Art Therapy or Wellness Packages

For many of us art is how we can express ourselves, make our thinking visible and make time to be inwardly connected to self and experience. For others it is a new liberating experience. 
Come and join us for therapeutic art, art for mindfulness and art for relaxation. Learn how to
make it a regular practice with an Art Therapy Teacher Kerry-Anne. While organisations can ask for a wellness package which can include: Art Therapy, Sound Therapy, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation... this is what  Qigong and Sound Therapy looks, sounds and feels like. Sound Therapy with the lovely Tracey is offered once a month at Ebb & Flow Studio.

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Thursdays 2 hrs
12 - 2pm. Click image for more.

Art Therapy

First Saturday of Month 7pm. Click image for more.

Sound Therapy
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Rocks of Balance

Wellness Packages
for organisations.
Click image for email.


Art Therapy is for Everyone

Enhance mindfulness, creativity and social participation.

For those with NDIS funding you just need to have funds as below. 
CB Improved Daily Living or Increased Social & Community Participation goals can include: improving your social skills,
making new friends, meeting new people, 
building your relationships and learning new skills.

For clients that are 
Self Managed or Plan Managed 

Click on Pictures to Link to More info and Booking... For all others by appointment just phone or email.

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