Term 1, 2021 | Ebb & Flow Studio

Adult Art Day or Night

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Time & Location

Term 1, 2021
Ebb & Flow Studio, 18 Bellevue Rd, Faulconbridge NSW 2776, Australia

About The Event

Wednesdays 10.30am - 12.30pm - OPEN FOR BOOKINGS


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Wednesday 3rd Feb - 24th Mar, 8 weeks

Friday 5th Feb - 26th Mar, 8 weeks

Frist term is a short term due to Easter, usually 9 week term @ $135

Fees can be adjusted for late start in term to the weeks commencing.

Payment options are

1. $120 for 8 weeks, pay at enrolment

2. $40 x 3 monthly installments (for this option you need to choose the Fast Payment Checkout 3x Payment on booking page)

Hello, As a qualified teacher and artist/designer I love the project approach and I use this in my studio these days to help students to really develop as artists. I feel it is limiting to expect students just to copy a model of work that a teacher produces. So you won't see a cookie cutter approach here. The way I teach allows for true foundational skills to be developed and for the student to find their own style and follow their own interests re subjects and media within the scope of our learning focus.

Project work is about the teacher not just delivering and the student not just passively receiving. Project work means “learning by doing” based on student self-interest and a constructivist approach. You will be guided and tutored but you will have some autonomy. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts.

Ebb & Flow Studio is a beautiful boutique studio in Faulconbridge. Students will learn many skills and techniques during the year using pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolours, mixed media, acrylics, oils... and many genres through the year. Day or night. Suitable for beginners that want to learn a variety of real visual arts and design skills and techniques and for enthusiasts that want a creative and inspiring art class.

Teacher Kerry-Anne has formal qualifications in Fine Arts and Graphic Design (as well as teaching). She has had experience working as a designer for fashion and interior, graphic designer, professional illustrator, animator for Walt Disney and also worked for David Hockney's Fine Art Gallery.

Term 4

Classes will be:

Week 1 Understanding value/depth via drawing

Week 2 How to use oil paints

Week 3 Dabbling with oil paints to create value/depth

Week 4 planing a project approach using oils

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