De-clutter with Feng Shui

July 30, 2017

We often add a few new bits and pieces to our home and life to create change. However, if you are wanting to refresh and renew your life and home try this Feng Shui process.

First, understand that:

a. Our home is a metaphor for our life.
b. Clutter can overwhelm our homes and our lives.
c. If we add and add we create a low stagnate energy.

I love this metaphor by Tisha Morris (2011). When we buy food to fill our fridge, it is best to clear out the old and replace with the new. Thus we do not put fresh new food next to out of date food. We also want to create a good flow of circulating air in the fridge. And so it is the same with our living spaces, we need to ~ remove, rearrange and re-energize... Keep the good energy flowing!

Step 1. Remove clutter from living spaces.

Ask yourself the following questions...
1. Have you used the item in the last 12 months?
2. Do you like it?
3. Do you have a place for it?

If you answer no, then let it go!

Step 2. Rearrange your living spaces.

Ask yourself the following questions...
1. Does the space need a new function?
2. What do I really need or want for this space?
3. What new energy do I want to bring to the space?

Step 3. Re-energize your living spaces.

Now it's time to...
1. Resist filling with new clutter.
2. Consider colours and elements including authentic and meaningful items.
3. Make the space functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Recommended books
Decorating with the Five Elements of of Feng Shui - Tisha Morris (2011)

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De-clutter with Feng Shui

July 30, 2017

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