Change the energy flow in your home - Feng Shui with placement, light colour and function.

August 27, 2017


Make the frontage of your property eye catching with:
1. A prominent fence, gate, letter-box or stunning tree.
2. Establish a well-lit path with garden lights to the front door.
3. Keep the front of your home and paths uncluttered.
4. Place Plants in pots either side of the entrance to define the main entry.



Traditional choices of plants are Jade or Kumquats and should be placed at the front of the home, particularly at the entry.

I have a beautiful Magnolia tree in my front yard… A Magnolia is an excellent choice for a stunning statement.


Consider indoor placement of the following:
5. Your study desk should face the study door.
6. The bedroom should have room to walk around either side of your bed.
7. Bedside tables should be placed on either side of the bed.
8. Mirrors should not face your bed or the main door.

Natural light promotes a positive flow.
1. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day.
2. Use lamps in dark spaces.
3. Candles create a calm energy.
4. Maintain quality air by opening windows and keep living plants.

Connect the outdoors to the indoors, bring nature and fresh air in.


There are some key colours to work with in Feng Shui.
1. Red promotes prosperity and balance.
2. Green encourages wealth.

Consider painting your front door in either of these colours, I would also consider a warm oiled wood for a natural alternative to red paint.

You might like to add a Yellow accent via your decore in your kitchen as mentioned earlier.

1. Remove clutter, keep only what you need.
2. Make sure everything in your home is running properly and efficiently.
3. Fix anything that is broken and throw out anything beyond repair.
4. Keep drains clean and unclogged for negative energy to leave the home.

Fish are considered a symbol of prosperity, so a goldfish could be featured in your living spaces but not the bedroom. Indoor plants promote good energy, but only if they’re healthy!

I am not a big fan of fish in a bowl or a tank indoors so I would suggest a pond, small or large. This is my pond designed by myself, with landscaping by
Alex Van-Til.

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