Art Materials

Adult Painting Classes

You will need:
1. Multi purpose paint brushes
2. Watercolour paper Fabriano or Reeves
3. Paint tray
4. Reeves gouache/ watercolour


Adult Drawing Classes

You will need:
1. Sketch pencil set or HB + 4B pencil
2. Papermate pacer 0.7mm
3. A3 art diary
4. Stumping/blending stick
5. Uni Signo white gel pen
6. Eraser standard or kneadable


Adult Life Drawing

Materials as per the drawing class or if you want to keep it simple just a HB and 4B pencil, eraser, and A2 or A3 Paper.

Family Classes

I can work with what materials you have or we can work out an online art purchase. Art ideas below tap to the right to move the carousel of images. Best seen on a desktop computer.

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