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The Beijing 24 Short Form' (Tai Chi Chuan 太极拳) is suitable for every age group and ability as it is aimed at beginners. It is one of the most common forms taught and practiced. The Beijing 24 posture Simplified Form was created by the Chinese Sports Committee 1956 for improvements to general health and wellbeing. However, there are ongoing studies testing the benefits of Tai Chi for Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Chronic Pain, Mental Health and so much more... So, while Tai Chi is gaining momentum for its overall health and wellness benefits, people are usually unaware of how Tai Chi transforms the lives of people with specific ailments.

Tai Chi Class

Seasoned Class
Macquarie St Room
10am - 11am

Monday Tai Chi
Tai Chi

Beginners Class 
Ebb & Flow Studio Faulcobridge
11.30am - 12.30am

Monday Tai Chi
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Beginners 6.30pm
Seasoned 7pm
Mechanics Institute Laswon

Thursday Tai Chi
Woman's hands in classical Tai Chi pose.

Starting soon!


The Benefits of Tai Chi


Brain: Improves cognitive function, 
Mood: Can relieve anxiety and depression, 
Connectivity and Flexibility: Improves strength, 
Cardiovascular System: Significantly lowers blood pressure and Reduces resting heart rate, 
Joints: Relieves arthritic pain, 
Muscles: Improves strength,
Bones: Increases bone density,
Immune System: Improves immune function reduces inflammation,
Balance: Increases balance reducing falls,
Overall WellbeingImproves quality of life markers in health.

A pass system at Ebb & Flow gives you regular classes at a discounted rate. Every Tai Chi class includes a Qigong warm up.

A one month (4 weeks) Regular Pass  is based on
$15 which equals $60 

A one month (4 weeks) Concession Pass equals $50
(seniors need to hold a NSW seniors card).
Casual attendance is $20 per class.

Uniforms can be purchased at the class (not mandatory).
Book via the 'Book Class' page or click on the picture links.


What does the Tai Chi 24 form look like?
Qigong is different to Tai Chi take a look here
where you can see the difference!


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