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Classes include the best of both with Tai Chi and Qigong (Tai Chi form - Beijing 24 Short  太极拳). These classes are suitable for adult beginners of all ages who can progress to the seasoned group. The class is predominately made up of students aged 25 - 75 years. Tai chi is a highly researched exercise with health improvements for: high blood pressure, memory and cognition, chronic illness, inflammation, immunity, insomnia, depression, pain, bone density, balance, flexibility and strengthening. Use NDIS funds if you are self managed or have a Plan Manager and these classes meet your goals. This page has general information you will find the full details
at the classes page. Links below.

Tai Chi and Qigong


Both are exercise forms that embrace the mind, body and spirit connection for health and healing.  There are proven physiological and bioenergetic changes accompanying these mind/body practices that aline with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies (eg: acupuncture, manipulative treatments, topical herbal remedies). 

Classes are attended via a pass system which gives you regular classes at a discounted rate.
Every Tai Chi class includes a Qigong warm up.
A one month (4 weeks) Regular Pass  is based on$15 which equals $60 

A one month (4 weeks) Concession Pass equals $50 
(seniors need to hold a NSW seniors card).
Casual attendance is $20 per class.
Uniforms can be purchased at the class (not mandatory).
The classes are done indoors, Monday daytime: Springwood | Faulconbridge. With Thursday evenings in Lawson,
but when the weather is good we do, do some classes in some beautiful parks.

NDIS clients need to be Self Managed or Plan Managed 

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Tai Chi Daytime

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Tai Chi Evenings

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Meditation Class

Wellness Packages

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